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Mary Tupper Ministries Mission Revival

- Mary Tupper ministries is currently on a mission to evangelize and call many to Jesus Christ through revivals, crusades, and reach-outs that have been held across various cities in the United States. Once the Holy Spirit ministered to her years ago: "You are going to be used to help bring revival, and this is what is already happening across America as we speak, as the hunger for righteousness is seen all over, and this she is doing with the help of many ministries and it partners.

- After several days of prayer and devotion to God, MaryTupper had another revelation similar to the one she had earlier. The Lord's angel foresaw her being used to bringing revival to America. The Lord revealed these two words to her through the holy spirit: "Tent Revival." Mary told her colleagues from other ministrie who have agreed,which indeed the almighty God will use to bring revival to the land and across the whole world. God has allowed the Nations to be shaken by a whirlwind of storms: physical, political, economic, plus COVID. The circumstances have become perfect for revival. The LORD is birthing revival fires turning these stormy whirlwinds into whirlwinds of Holy Spirit fire! 

- Mary Tupper Ministries has been able to touch different lives and is still touching lives through its revivals and outreaches, bringing healing and deliverance to thousands of people across America. This new wave of grassroots passion, outreach, and rallies is being shared through social media as real-time, television, and spontaneously prayer group gatherings answer the call to the Kingdom Work of this Great Harvest. As part of this new wave, the LORD has brought together several ministries to answer this call to ignite revival fires in America through revival meetings. It's currently on a mission in partnership with several other ministries to hold the powerful revival meetings, which God has promised to use to help bring back revival.


Mary Tupper is the founder and general overseer of the Mary Tupper ministries. Growing up with her parents and her two brothers was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States. She grew up in a Catholic home and was very religious but did not know Jesus. When she was barely 11 years old, she had an encounter with Jesus at a crusade and her life to Christ. The young Mary Tupper was filled with the Holy Spirit when she was just 18 years old. Then she soon started preaching the word of God, became a gospel singer/worship leader and an evangelist, worked in the kids ministry, and helped start many ministries. She worked with many different ministries. She served as an assistant pastor in a very small local church and then international Omega Fire Ministries until she had a revelation in which she said that God instructed her to go and create her ministry, which she did. "The Lord told me to start my ministry the next year," and today, the Mary Tupper Ministries. Global evangelism via large-scale crusades in Pakistan and travel across the USA, following God's lead in ministering to people. Demonstrations of signs and wonders, healings, and deliverances. Focus on the powerful, tangible presence of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Spirit, leading to big church growth. . She has three lovely children she adores and are her foremost ministry Josh, Elijah, and Mia. 


Education and Ministerial Experiences

Attended The College of St. Catherine where she studied voice.  For about 31 years, she has been a lifelong student of the revival, being influenced by Katherine Kuhlman, Smith Wigglesworth, and Benny Hinn. She has been a student of the Holy Land Bible Knowledge Society under the mentorship and tutorship of the long-term revival teacher and mentor, Christine Kierkegaard, the President of the Bible society. 
After a personal encounter with Jesus in 2015 and several encounters with angels and demons. She launched into full time ministry. In 2017 and 2018, Mary was in Pakistan preached in different crusades, at which thousands of people attended, and there were hundreds of major healings, deliverances, and many miracles.
She has been featured on different TV broadcasts as a guest speaker and even done some her own shows in up to 150 countries as well as hosting conferences and healing and deliverance meetings. Her heart is for the broken and hurting and the afflicted to see them walk in freedom and victory Jesus died to give them. She has a real sense humor and down to Earth personality wanting to connect to people where they are at. 


From 2006 to 2016, Mary Tupper also had her own contracting company; managing up to 50 employees and contractors.

Mission and Goals of Mary Tupper Ministries

To help the Christians be revived and the help the lost to find to Christ.
Prepare for larger-scale ministries in the world through deliverance, miracles, healing, and the presence of God in transforming different nations of the world.  
Preaching and teaching people in around the world the promises to believers. 


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